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What's On Offer...

On this page we will list all the products we offer as part of our main product line.  Please check in often because we will be frequently updating this product page as new articles of musical interest are being written for other websites and blogs all the time.  We will keep you informed of all the lastest reports on albums and bands old and new.  There's bound to be an article of great interest to you, no matter what your taste is...

Turn It Up Again!..
During the eighties, and after listening to most of Phil Collins' solo work, I realised that it would probably be a good time to check out some slightly earlier Genesis creations... Althought being a rather religious follower of Collins', I was dubious at the thought of forking out on a Genesis album that after a play or two I would end up binning.  'Duke,' I had decided would be the best purchase yet...

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Whole Lotta Rock
Started by the two infamous brothers named Angus and Malcolm Young from the rain splattered quarters of Scotland, they took to the sun drenched beaches of Australia quickly and didn't come back for quiet some time.  These guitarists formed the classic rock outfit, AC/DC in 1973 and enlisted the stunning vocals of whiskey swilling Bon Scott with Mark Evans on bass and Phil Rudd on drums...


Awarded Review;
We Were Turned Inside Out.. 'Green' by R.E.M
Blues Guitar
Released on the 19th of November 1988, 13 months, in fact after the very first CD singles were released into the British charts, this wasn't the only major break in social history that was to be a heavy influence on music as a whole.  For an already established indie rock band from America, it was a calling for the making of an album that embarked on a different path of composing for ever...


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