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The Very Lastest New Singles By Featured Artists Will Appear Here As Fast As We Can Get To Print.
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Gutter Trash; The Last Days Of Vanity
Single; My Psyko Song.

Wailing, wild and dipped in compelling mania, this latest single from DreamFirstBorn is to be released to kick start the launch of his second album; Gutter Trash: The Last Days of Vanity. Released through the independent empire of New Funk Order, this track, about a kidnapper of a young female artist, is perfectly titled, ‘My Psyko Song.’ Like an electrified zombie, the energy of this artist’s performance is disturbingly creative to the point of bowing down gracefully to the Gods Of Punk.

By resurrecting the wildness of the obliterating Punk scene, this style maybe nearly thirty years old, yet it still holds some great significance to the way artists’ compose today. This track is aggressively appealing complete with all the ‘oo’s’ and ‘arh’s’ of a Mowtown backing group. It’s hyper hysterical performer is ready to pull out his hair with angst at any given moment.

It’s a stunning piece of new age Punk that still produces the same rawness and edge of the Malcolm MacLaren, The Damned and The Buzzcocks era, but without the pink and blue hair and safety pins. Punk Funk it could be classed, even so, it’s energised, basic and stripped of all that it neurotically mass produced and commercial.




If you’re passionate, like the rest of us about keeping the bareness of pure artist composition alive, then I strong suggest checking out for that very reason. It is littered with artists on the cutting edge of a new generation of retrospective punk, rock and funk. The downloads are free as well as numerous pages on the mission of the site and it’s members. The idea is to ‘ensure the continual freedom of music and the arts.’ Thus performing the following actions;

‘Providing original music and other art works freely to the public.’

‘The artists duly reap in personal recognition..’

‘Ensure the artists continually have complete control over their music and their rights….’

It is an organisation that needs your support. If you’re an artist with dreams and need a stage to perform and get noticed then they need you to!

Musicians with hearts, compositions and with instruments in their hands are very welcome!

Check out ‘My Psyko Song’ and it’s video at;




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