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Catalog...the story so far...


This page presents a short list of our products. (This will be updated as much as possible, as soon as another article appears somewhere on the web that has originated from generationsounds.)  New articles are written by M. Duffy all the time so keep you eyes open for more!...

(As we add new reviews, we may add additional pages to our website.)

These are just some of  the artciles we have so far;
Would You Trust This Man...?
Elvis Costello and the Attractions 'Trust,' album released 1980
That Sneering Serious Moonlight.
David Bowie 'Let's Dance,' album released 1983
Days In The Mind Of Paul Weller
Paul Weller 'Days Of Speed,'  album released 2001
There's A Worm In My Head And A Fish In The Bed
The Wonder Stuff 'Hup,' album released released 1989
Metal Gods Of Hope And Glory
Judas Preist 'British Steel,' released 1980
High Powered Rocket Boots
Elton John 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,' album released 1973
The Twelve Faces Of The Happy Hour
The Housemartins 'London 0 Hull 4,' album released 1986
Margarita Noses And Mad Dog Booze
Aerosmith 'Get A Grip' album released in 1993
The Twinkling Years Of Scarves, Big Hats And Plenty Of Penguins
Fleetwood Mac 'Greatest Hits,' album released in 1988
These Strange, Slippery People
Talking Heads 'Stop Making Sense,' album released 1999
World's Forgotten Boy
Billy Idol 'Whiplash Smile,' album released 1986
His Heaven
David Gilmour 'On An Island,' album released 2006
Terms Of Endearment
Eric Clapton 'Reptile,' album released 2001
A Little Wet Behind The Years
Level 42 'The Very Best Of,' album released 1998
Clash City Rockers
The Clash 'Singles,' album released 1999
If He Was Ten Feet Taller And Twice As Handsome
Elvis Costello 'Goodbye Cruel World,' album released 1984
For A Tequila Sunrise, Mix A Shot Of Whiskey And A Good Night's Sleep
The Eagles 'Greatest Hits '71 to '75,' album released 1976
From Here To Avalon
Roxy Music 'Avalon,' album released 1982
Surfing With Style On The Big New Wave
The Boomtown Rats 'The Fine Art Of Surfacing,' album released 1979 
Gutter Trash; The Last Days Of Vanity; My Psyko Song.
DreamFirstBorn  released 2006    New Release!!!
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This month's special review;

Picture This...The Best And The Worst And The Curse Of Blondie

'The sultry, well defined cheek boned face of a young Miss Deborah Harry is probably not difficult to imagine as once the pretty face of a playboy bunny girl. The low but cheeky voice of the female lead of Blondie formed the band with her boyfriend way back in 1974 in New York. After a mixed line up change every so often and a couple of uninteresting singles, they finally hit Britain with ‘Heart Of Glass’ taken from the album ‘Parallel Lines.’'

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(The picture here appears with thanks from the Blondie Official Website)


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